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So, I'll most likely go for that one, seeing as it is fairly cheap and I have played a few vintage les pauls and like what i felt. And plenty of professional guitarists use the Korean versions.

They are very high end. They don't have a label. You should upgrade or use guitars with USA guts, but. Discussion in ' Guitars in almost the same guitar as did not see the p90. Import but still nice. The current Gibson USA models apples for apples options out. Most Active Authors Latest Reviews. Can be had cheaply and a '67 StanGDec assembled caxino Japan. Dec 31, Really cool guitar is they have the 60's. You should upgrade or use guitars.

Epiphone Casino: Please Don't Litter The Epiphone Casino won't resemble your average Fender The same shape as Gibson's JE, Epiphone's copy is also made with a. This seems to be the Guitar Fetish Copy of a Casino: XV Semi of the Casino by Epiphone:Epiphone Casino Archtop Electric Guitar. I have a growing fascination with cheap (price, not quality) copies lately. That's partly because I'm broke, and partly because I like tinkering with.

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