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I think the song is about how JEW looks back, they realized that they were lucky to have succeeded "When they draw my name from the lottery" and also how they soongmeanings they were a New Jersey success story. I will be surprised if I'm wrong, and sad if I'm right. Can you tell us the back story behind that song?

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Jimmy Eat World - Big Casino "Big Casino" is a song by American rock band Jimmy Eat World from their sixth studio album Chase This Light, which was released on October 16, Genre‎: ‎Alternative rock. [Pre-Hook: Big Sean] Uh, fuck, I don't And everything that I do is my first name (B-I-G) You liable to find me up in the MGM casino in the D. Be Sensible · Believe In What You Want · Believe What You Want · Better Than Oh · Big Casino · Bleed American · Blister. C. Call It In The Air · Carbon Scoring.

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